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Training Services


Emergency Compliance Services offer a range of fire training services that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your business, staff and premises.


All training courses are delivered to meet Australian Standard AS3745​ - Planning for Emergencies in Facilities by accredited trainers, with experience in the fire and emergency services industries.

Chief & Deputy Chief Warden


This course is designed to provide participants with the skill, knowledge and experience to perform the duties of a Chief Warden.


This course will cover the practical use of Emergency Warning and Communication Systems, the theory of their duties and responsibilities, how to coordinate the operations of an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) and liasing with Emergency Services.

Emergency Control Organisation
Floor/Area Warden & Warden


This course is designed to provide participants with the skill, knowledge and experience to perform the duties of a Warden and Floor or Area Warden.


Participants will learn how to perform their duties during emergencies such as: Fires, Bomb threats, Chemical Incidents, and many more site specific procedures.

First Attack Fire Fighting


Our First Attack Fire Fighting training introduces you to the various types of fire fighting equipment that are commonly found in work environments.


The training teaches you how to correctly & safely use equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and fire blankets on a range of different fire types.


First Attack Fire Fighting also includes practical use of fire fighting equipment with the use of a live fire.

Workplace Evacuation Training


Our Workplace Evacuation Training is designed for all staff from any workplace. It provides an overview and awareness of workplace emergencies, familiarising staff of the emergency systems and procedures in place in your workplace. Allowing them to understand what their role in an emergency situation would be.




Emergency / Evacuation Exercises


Emergency Exercises are designed to test the ability of your Emergency Control Orginisation to safely & efficiently respond to an emergency situation.


The exercises are conducted at your workplace to simulate the most likely emergency scenarios to occur, utilising you systems & procedures.


Each exercise varies and will not always require an evacuation.


Health Care Facilities


Fire Safety in Health Care facilities is crucial. Providing a safe environment that will reduce risks to patients, residents and employees and provide health care staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely manage an incident is a major component of health legislation.


Training is recommended in accordance with Australian Standard 4083 - 2010 Planning for emergencies - Health care facilities 

WHS Act 2011 and Policy Directive for Health Care Facilities.

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