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Chief Warden

Chief warden


The person appointed as chief warden should—


  • be capable of performing their duties;

  • be capable of leading and taking command;

  • display effective decision-making skills;

  • demonstrate the capability to remain calm under pressure;

  • be available to undertake their appointed duties;

  • be capable of effectively communicating with occupants and visitors;

  • be familiar with the facility; and

  • be able to undergo relevant training.


In addition to the training for all ECO members (Warden Training), persons appointed to the positions of chief warden, deputy chief warden and communications officer, along with the nominated deputies for each position, shall have additional training, including but not limited to the following:


  • Their roles and responsibilities within the emergency plan.

  • Duties of the EPC.

  • Duties of the ERT, where it exists, as described in the emergency response procedures.

  • Decision-making, command and control.

  • Record keeping.

  • Actions for the specific emergencies contained in the emergency response procedures.

  • Coordination of communications(s) during emergencies, including use of any installed specialised communications equipment.

  • Liaison with Emergency Services.

  • Coordination of evacuation activities.

  • Implementation of post-emergency activities in accordance with the emergency plan.


This course is designed to provide participants with the skill, knowledge and experience to perform the duties of a Chief Warden. It provides knowledge in the operation of workplace emergency systems, command and control, liaison with emergency services and communications needs to safely and effectively deal with a range of possible workplace emergencies. This course is set out to help meet the requirements of a chief warden as specified above and stated in Australian Standard 3745 - 2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.


Course Duration: 1hour

Prerequisite: Warden Training


Note: This is not a nationally recognised course. Successful completion of the course results in the award of a Statement of Attendance. 

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