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Emergency Exercises

Emergency Exercises


As stated in Australian Standard 3745 - 2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, A program of site-specific emergency response exercises shall be developed in collaboration with the facility owners, managers, occupiers and employers of each facility to determine the effectiveness of the emergency response procedures, ECO actions and occupants’ response, both when first developed and on an ongoing basis.


The following should apply for all emergency response exercises:


  • Emergency response exercises should be consistent with the identified emergencies in the emergency plan.

  • Simple objectives and outcomes for emergency response exercises should be identified.

  • Observers should be appointed for all emergency response exercises. The observers shall use a checklist to record the details of the emergency response exercise.

  • Each emergency response exercise should be prefixed by an announcement that it is an exercise only.

  • Debriefing sessions should be held following the exercise.

  • A report shall be forwarded to the EPC following each emergency response exercise. The report shall include any deficiencies in the evacuation exercise that were identified at the debriefing session.


Emergency Compliance Services conducts a range of Emergency Exercises site specific to each facility designed to test your organisation’s readiness for an emergency response. 


Our program helps to ensure effective use of life safety systems in a building designed to protect people from fire, bomb threats and other emergency incidents. Practical evacuation exercises are essential to allow Staff to put into practice the procedures they have learned in training. A practical emergency exercise gives Wardens and staff the opportunity to practice duties, test procedures and experience using stairs and exits not normally used. Preparation and experience will contribute to an orderly evacuation in the case of an emergency. 


A report of the exercise is prepared for future reference and record of completion. Times of wardens’ reports are recorded as well as messages relayed to chief warden. The report also notes and suggests any deficiencies in current emergency procedures or related equipment, additional training requirements and other related items.

Any concerns raised at the debrief by members of the ECO will also be included in he report.


Exercise Duration: 15-30 minutes

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