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First Attack Fire Fighting

First Attack Fire Fighting


Where first-attack firefighting by specific occupants is included in the emergency procedures, these occupants shall be trained to enable them to competently execute their duties.

The training for first-attack firefighting shall address, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:


  • The duties of the ECO, and ERT, where it exists.

  • Preparing for site-specific fires.

  • Reporting fires.

  • Evacuating from endangered areas.

  • Identifying, reporting and correcting unsafe conditions.

  • Responding to fire emergencies.

  • Identifying the classes of fire.

  • Selecting the correct first-attack equipment.

  • Safe operating procedures for first-attack equipment.

  • Determining if it is safe and appropriate to use first-attack equipment.

  • Procedures to be followed after first-attack equipment has been used.

  • Post evacuation activities.


Emergency Compliance Services First Attack Fire Fighting course will equip participants with the knowledge and confidence to asses and extinguish a fire successfully and safely. 


Course Duration: 1-2hours

Prerequisite: No pre requisite requirements


Note: This is not a nationally recognised course. Successful completion of the course results in the award of a Statement of Attendance. 


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