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Emergency Compliance Services strive to bring you the best products possible for your workplace. Thats why our Emergency Procedures Manuals & Evacuation Diagrams require a site visit.

Emergency Procedures Manual


At Emergency Compliance Services before we begin designing an emergency procedures manual specifically for your site. One of our consultants will visit your workplace to conduct a risk assessment of the facility to establish an Emergency Management Plan detailing the actions to be taken by the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) and all occupants when an incident occurs.


This manual will comply with Australian Standards 3745 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities and provide site specific details on all emergencies that may occur.

Evacuation Diagrams


Evacuation diagrams are a requirement in all workplaces. The purpose of the evacuation diagram is to prepare people prior to an emergency by providing a pictorial representation of the facility and its emergency information.


The development of evacuation diagrams will be in accordance with Australian Standard 3745-2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities.


Before any diagrams are completed, one of our consultants will visit your workplace to conduct a site mark up.


Diagrams can be produced for your workplace even if you do not have a floor plan available.

Signage & Posters


Emergency Compliance Services supplies signs & workplace safety posters from our range or we can custom make them to suite your workplace.

Home Fire Safety

Emergency Compliance Services also offer home fire safety packages. We can supply & fit smoke alarms, fire extinguishers & fire blankets in your home or investment property.


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