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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures


Following a site visit and completion of a risk assessment the development of a site-specific emergency procedures manual is an important step in preparing for and responding to emergency situations in the workplace.


Emergency Compliance Services develop a customised emergency procedures manual to suite your business, which complies with Australian Standard AS3745 and relevant State regulations.


This manual details things such as:

  • Building profile

  • Human Resources information

  • Emergency systems profile (i.e. fire system installed)

  • Building emergency response structure (ECO)

  • Fire and evacuation procedures including:

    • Chief and Deputy Chief Warden responsibilities and procedures

    • Area Wardens / Wardens responsibilities and procedures

    • General staff procedures and responsibilities

  • After hours procedures (ie minimal staff)

  • Fire fighting equipment (types and method of operation)

  • Preventing emergencies

  • Bomb threat procedures

  • Internal emergency procedures

  • External emergency procedures

  • Medical emergency (this is an optional element and may incur an additional fee)

  • Procedures for special situations may include evacuating people with disabilities (PEEP), unconscious people, people refusing to leave, gas leaks, armed intrusion and hold-up and civil disobedience.

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