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Emergency Compliance Services will prepare Evacuation Diagrams for your facility in accordance with Australian Standards AS3745:2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities.


The Work Health and Safety legislation also requires a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) to provide evacuation procedures for workers and occupants of a facility.


ECS will provide your Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) with the recommendations as to the size, number and most suitable location of the diagrams within the facility.  All diagrams will be correctly orientated and include a pictorial representation of the floor or area.


ECS will ensure all minimal elements identified in the Standard are included on each diagram.  The minimum elements include:



  • The 'YOU ARE HERE' location

  • Designated exits in the facility

  • Warden intercommunication points (WIPs)

  • Manual call points (MCPs)

  • Emergency call points (ECP's)

  • Control panels for occupant warning equipment

  • Fire hose reels

  • Fire extinguishers and their type

  • Fire blankets

  • Fire indicator panel (FIP)

  • Refuges, if present

  • The validity date

  • Location of the assembly area/s either pictorially or in words

  • A legend that represents the symbols used


Optional elements are identified in the Standard and ECS will discuss the inclusion of these elements with your EPC.



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‘Evacuation Diagrams’ designed, produced
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Evacuation Diagrams for all types of fac
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Two Evacuation Diagrams in one photo
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Clean look on this Marble wall
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A fire extinguishers point of view....
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‘Evacuation Diagrams’ designed, produced
'Evacuation Diagrams' designed and produced to meet Australian Standard 3745-2010_ Planning for Emer
Our Evacuation Diagrams are lit
Hot off the press!! This set of ‘Evacuation Diagrams’ is off to Bridge St Kids Early Learning Child
Custom design or custom colours
Evacuation Diagrams' designed and produced to meet Australian Standard 3745-2010_ Planning for Emerg
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